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Estes Eggspress $20

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Feb 4, 2017
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Listing a whole bunch of rockets...to keep things easy for both of us, a few simple things:
Paypal only, USA only, prices are firm and fair. Do not say "I'll take it!" until you have PP ready to go. Thanks!

$10 shipping.
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Yes. add only $5 more for this one.
By the way...both of these are pretty valuable, you can flip them on ebay for a fair profit, what you do with them in the end is up to you.
pp is [email protected]
OK, I am going to combine the Camroc Carrier (20+10) with this Eggspress (20+5) for a Paypal now of $55. I don't know what else you have planned for today, but since you may be getting into other kits of interest to me, I'll want to continue to combine shipping as feasible. Thanks.
That's it for now. SOme parts maybe later.
Sold to alan flint.