Estes Dude , Quest Harpoon AGM & Spinfin , Semroc Mark II Build here!

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Jun 30, 2010
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I received a order of rockets this morning and in one thread Im gonna build one by one , taking pics and taking notes as I go along .
Pic #1 shows the complete order.
all the dude parts straight from the box
rear view image of the quest spin fin packaging
rear view image of the quest AGM package
I love it when a parcel of kits arrives! Its like opening a present. :D

Heres a pic of my (Deepsky supplied) Semroc Mk2 - unflown, as yet, but I should do something about that at IRW.
Cool , great finish on that rocket! What glue did you use to attach the fins ect? I was thinking about using WhiteGlue/PVA/WoodGlue for a change and was wondering would it suffice? Im taking it that the MKII would seriously shift on a C!
I used Deluxe Materials Aliphatic Resin. Which is my glue of choice for normal wood/paper jobs. I've never had any problems with this glue coming unstuck, I built my Big Daddy using it, and its good enough to hold a model together on a D.

As for shifting on a C - I expect so - may well give it a go at IRW. ;)
Hmmm! I've dry fitted the Dude , but even with the seam and everything matched up to the pairs , It still seems to lean over , does it need to be glued to make it straight?