Estes Dowel size chart??

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Sep 24, 2010
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I've got a part number for an Estes Dowel from plans (WD-2C) and I need to know the length. Not too worried about the diameter, just the length.

Is there a chart out there like the nose cone and body tube charts that I'm not aware of?

I havn't seen a chart anywhere. They may just ship all the dowels the same size like in the Venus Probe kit. It didn't say a length anywhere in the plans I take it. What are the plans for? Maybe someone has one and can measure for you.

It's clear from studying many Estes plans for rockets with dowels that the dowel stock included in each kit is not all the same length. This is easily deduced by looking at the lengths that you must cut the dowels to in each respective plan. (Long story, obviously.)

OK, how's this for what I need:

Does anyone have an Estes Scorpius #1375? How long are those 8 dowels?
Well, I found the answer to my question. Someone just put one up for sale on eBay and was kind enough to measure the dowels through the bag for me.

For anyone who's interested, they're 6" long.

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