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Jan 17, 2009
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The first rocket I started after TRF went down was the Estes DOM PeeWee. I chronicled its build on YORF here:

I've been meaning to fly this one since the end of December when I actually finished it but have been thwarted at each attempt. I left it behind, we got rained out, the winds picked up too much, we ran out of time. Today was supposed to be the day. I made sure I had its box. I pulled out a motor and opened the box.

It's jinxed. One of the sustainer fins was broken off. :mad:

This one's turning into a real hanger queen.

so hows this one coming along:neener:

Hi Charlaine. Sorry I didn't notice this one before.

The fact of the matter it that I could not find it until yesterday. I magically reappeared at my club launch and I brought it home to work on it.

The break looks like its pretty clean and I hope I will finally have this one ready, again, by this coming weekend.

Of course getting an opportunity to fly it is another matter entirely.:(

I really would love to know how she flys I might order parts for her.
As I expected, the fin fit back into place pretty easily and was glued with another white double glue joint.


After letting the joint cure for a day, I went back and applied white glue fillets to all the fins.

I did not bother repainting as the original crack is invisible.


At least a half a year after I first got started on this one, It finally made its maiden flight. It had been taken out to fly before but always something went wrong. This time, it would fly.

To start things off, I wanted to try just the single stage configuration with just a 1/2A6-2. I wanted to see how it would behave. I had spotters ready.

It took off fine and disappeared to most people. It was reacquired when we heard the motor pop. The motor landed a few feet from the flight line but nobody saw what happened to the rocket itself. We looked for a while and gave up and I thought I would be rebuilding the sustainer. Near the close of the day, though, somebody found it while hunting for a mid power rocket. I decided not to fly it again on that field.

A video of the maiden flight can be seen here:



I got tired of waiting for the A8-0s to come back so I decided to go ahead and give it a try in the 2 stage configuration with a B6-0/1/2A6-2 loadout. I taped the motors together with cellophane tape and loaded them into the rocket.

The rocket was then taken to the pad and hooked up. I asked all present to help with the tracking.



On ignition, it started scooting and looked pretty good doing it.
Everyone saw the staging and the booster tumbling back to earth but the sustainer was never seen again.


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