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Estes Citation Bomarc

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May 20, 2014
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I e been wanting one of these for a while. Never had one. Never seen one. It appears to be a boosted glider. But it has parts that can't be cloned like the other two Bomarc kits. If you're willing to part with one, please let me know. It'll come to a very caring home.
Of the dozen or so Citation Bomarcs I saw back in the day, NOT A SINGLE ONE flew worth a damn. Most performed like surface-to-surface missiles, completely obliterating the vacuum-formed (?) nose cones. Those that managed to post a stable flight glided like a falling leaf.
Back in the day, there have been several designs that were put into kits that were not really stable for flight.
However, if they survive the first flight, they make nice hanging models from the ceiling from wire or string.
Or on a custom made stand on the shelf. But a dust collector for a better lack of terms at the moment.
The seller that is in "samb"'s post with a link has taken lesser offers on occasion if you contact them with a heart warmed story.
Your OP is a good start, I'd say.
Good Luck, it's the only Citation Bomarc I've seen in the 8 years I've been watching Ebay for rockets....daily.
I knew it would be expensive, but I must admit that I can't pay that price. Well I "could", but that's ridiculous no matter how rare the kit is.
I got one as a teen, built it and nearly destroyed the BNC hand chucking it to test/trim the glide. It flew meh as I can remember. I found out either here or on ROL(R.I.P.) that it has a quick flat glide, which is why the BNC was trashed. Years later I rebuilt much of it with a new NC, BT & Pop Pod. It flew pretty good, then I upscaled to a BT60 version about 6ish yrs. ago & it has become my favorite flyer with a D12-3. See my Avatar!
Try JimZ rocket plans for the particulars & get your Ramjets(balsa) from E-rockets and BNC-F(which is what I used for the rebuild)
For the tunnel you may have to build it up MadCow style or split & trim to shape a small BT.