Estes Bullpup and Black Brant II

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May 3, 2011
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My most recent builds were an Estes Bullpup and Estes Black Brant II. These were very old kits from our club's stash of things that people have donated. I didn't do build photos because they are mostly routine.

The Bullpup had clay nose cone weight that was not usable so I found a sim file to see how much weight was required and anchored a piece of steel bolt in the nose cone using epoxy. Most of the build was pretty easy but the decals are pretty tedious. Being an old kit the decals didn't behave well- some would take a long time to release and a few tore in the process.

The Black Brant had a small piece of tube missing that goes on the nose cone. I had extra pieces of tube so I did it the old way and added that tube to the main tube rather than the nose cone. I built the rocket with 18mm mount, I'm happy to launch it with B motors. It had tedious decals too and I had to search the internet for photos to show how to place the decals. I cut my own centering rings and wrapped cardstock around the back end of the motor tube to get it to fit the tail cone.

Both rockets were flown today, both using friction fit motor retention. Both flights were great and the rockets were recovered.