Estes Builds over the last year

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Jan 18, 2009
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I have not posted here in awhile, so these are my Vintage Estes builds.......Well the Mini Max is not vintage. All built per the plans with Elmer's Glue All, 3 coats of balsa sealer, 2 coats of primer and a top coat of Old Formula Krylon. I am now using Plasti Kote primer, and this is the best stuff ever. Little pricey, but so are the kits I buy and build.
Estes Eclipse

My collection, besides vintage Estes, I also build Guillows, Comet, and Sterling planes.





Estes Screamer


Sorry about the reds not showing up well.
Estes Mini Max......Great kit for 8 bucks




Estes Challenger I



Estes Astrocam



The picture of the Big Red Max starter set brings back the memories. That’s the starter set that got my family started in model rocketry. Thanks for posting the pictures.

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The finish on that Skyhook is absolutely incredible. White glue, sealer, primer and paint? no way. Do you offer a class?
I have no class:roll: I really don't spend much time on finishing these rockets, heck I have over 300 I want to build. You can see from the pictures that I don't fill the spirals. I just brush on 3 coats of balsa sealer to all the balsa pieces sanding between coats. Then I spray 2 good coats of Plasti Kote Spot primer, sand back and 1 coat of regular Plasti Kote. After that I have a real smooth finish. Then spray on my Krylon top coat. First coat is a mist. Second coat is heavy. I am still using the old formula Krylon, not the new stuff. Krylon still makes it, but it is expensive.
Hey Scigs30,

Nice builds. I always enjoy seeing your rockets. I have a couple of questions. Which Plasti Cote primer have you had luck with? Can you better explain how the old formula Krylon is available? Sorry if you or others have answered this elsewhere. Thanks.

Awesome looking collection of rockets and aircraft. Is one of those airplanes an SE5A?
Question, did you develop that film before 6/1982 as marked?
Never seen or heard of the Thunderbolt before. What year was that?

Awesome collection!!
Holy crap! you have one IMPRESSIVE collection of rockets and Guillow's kits. I myself LOVE to build the Guillow's kits and I'm currently working on a giant scale Hellcat. I'm building up my rocket collection as well...but I don't think I'll ever reach your level of awesomeness.
Is it just me or does anybody else see nothing but Band Width Exceeded boxes from Photobucket?
I wanted to take a look but now I see the pictures are now viewable. I don't know if it had anything with me logging into Photobucket or not.

Thats one heck of a colection and probably what mine would be if I didn't take 25 years off.
I got an email from photo-bucket telling me they were updating the server, and there might be a short interruption of service.......I think I took about 25 year off also................I didn't take up rocketry again until 2006............I figure it would take me many years to build my vintage collection.......Then of course Estes decided to come out with awsome new designs, so I had to buy them as well........Many years of building left. Enough rambling...just finished a 7 mile run, now off to finish my Scout.
Before I can even dream of a collection like that, I have to buy a bigger house. Sadly, our next house will be smaller, not bigger.:(
Before I can even dream of a collection like that, I have to buy a bigger house. Sadly, our next house will be smaller, not bigger.:(

Smaller house is OK, just make sure you get a bigger shop, or an extra stall on the garage!
Man your room looks great i need to get my wife to let me do that also where did you get the little stands to keep you rockets from falling over or did you make them?
Those are just dowels that I bought at Home Depot, I cut them and epoxy them to the shelves.