3D Printing Estes BNC-20B Nose Cone

Jack Hydrazine

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May 31, 2011
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This 3D model is of the Estes BNC-20B nose cone (P/N 070230) that is designed to fit Estes BT-20 tubing.

There are seven models you can download.

1) Nose cone with shoulder,
2) Nose cone without the shoulder,
3) Nose cone with the shoulder that is solid,
4) End cap with a 3.5mm hole.

Estes kits that use this nose cone:

Kit # Kit Name
K-5 Apogee II
K-19 Invader
K-24 Gyroc
K-34 Nighthawk
K-42 Orbital Transport
1205 Apogee II
1224 Gyroc
1242 Orbital Transport
1355 Spin Fin
1366 Star Speeder
1984 Phaser
2033 Trident II