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Jan 30, 2009
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Hello everyone, as a new member, I just wanted to comment on the Blurzz Rocket cars. They are an excellent value and anyone into rocketry will enjoy them as a fun diversion. We have successfully modified two cars for 18mm and 24mm motors. The wheels were changed to rubber and aluminum hubs from R/C tailwheels and new axles from 3/32 piano wire. The stock Blurzz cars run on a line of 90 ft. Our 24mm mod E-powered car runs on a line of 400 ft. The 3-sec burn of the Estes E propels the car from dead-stop to the end of 400 ft. in 4-seconds. I have pix and video if I can figure it out.:D
Hehehe. Now we have something else to mod for more power!!! :D

BTW, welcome to the forum!
I received one of these for Xmas.... When I looked at that engine mount, I said to myself:

"Self, this looks as if it were designed for 18mm engines!!" ;)
I got a set for my nephews. They love those cars burning up the driveway. Only problem was that the guide string melted after 3 "races" otherwise they are cool.
here is the Blurzz Rocket Car modified for Estes D and E engines, you just have to watch out for the motor ejection after the run.:kill: :kill:
here is the 18mm mod; the smaller motors eject up to 200 ft. If anyone tries this with unplugged motors, just be careful. These cars really demonstrate the power of these "model rocket engines" that we take for granted when placed in a rocket and shot into the sky. The sound of an estes E burning all along the ground; one spectator commented, "why do I get the feeling I am standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier!

AARG! I gotta prioritize which rockets I buy first... First Gforce then Blurzz... I will probably mod the car for 24mm, how is it done? An E30 might be fun to try in one of these.
Here is the launch of the Estes Blurzz Rocket Car on an Estes E9-4. The picture is from a video running in slow motion. The only way I could capture the start!!! This may not come out well.:rolleyes:
100 mph!!! We had to switch to Thrust-Aero drag chutes with kevlar shrouds: the standard Estes drag chutes were shredded. These fine chutes slow the car in 20 ft. Someone said an E-30 might be fun; why not an F-21???? It fits!!! Think about this: Even with the modifications of real wheels and hubs, this car only weighs 6oz. compared to the stock 2oz. What would a 6oz. rocket do on an F-21? I don't have the room for a 1000 ft. run; and my brass sleeve bearings in the wheels might not hold up!:mad:
Then again I will have time to reagin my money from allowance if I buy one of these:D. I just might try a 24mm mod, I believe Kosdon makes 24mm Gs.
Hey NU, a cluster of small A10-P's would be fun! But I have been thinking about a chad-staged D12-0 to E9-P!!! I had never heard about chad staging until about last month on this forum. That would really be cool. On video it would look just like a jet going on afterburner! I was looking at my CC-Express first stage and a unit built like it without the fins might help support the D12-0 and also help to ignite the E9-P. This would give a burn time of about 4.5 seconds? I think I might need about 600-700 ft. of line plus another 100 ft. for coast out to chute deployment. Once the cars are modified to 18mm or 24mm the possibilities for experimentation seem almost endless. It is fun to do these things and retain the stock appearance. Of course, this does VOID THE WARRANTY, I guess. The design of the cars is really sound because on a D12-3 run, our guide line broke and the car pulled a 90-degree turn; left the road into a ditch; made some 3-spin/sec turns, went airborne and end over end down the road. We could not find a scratch on it. The picture of the car at the beginning of the thread? was taken after this. The big rubber tires absorbed all the impact! The 24mm motor mount is sound.;)
Hehehe. That sounds familiar. Many years ago I had one of the "Cold Power" rocket cars (the VW Bug one). I converted it to use BP motors. I sent it off on a D once and the guide line broke. It did a few donuts and pretty much disintegrated!
Can I get a set of plans for those? Please!!! I would love to do that with mine. Your cars kick @ss!!!
I figured this might be somewhat appropriate, but check out this site - <a href="">National Rocket Car Association</a> Pretty neat stuff! I guest the NCRA never really took off. The last update to the events section of the website was back in May of 97. :(
Wow!! Thanks eugenefl and mkmilion for the links. I have never seen any other car sites and have been wanting to see other's projects. Does anyone know anything about a new future release from Estes called Rocket Racers? There is something called this on Tower Hobbies's site???:D
Geez, did you guys see the 8 foot long one that has been clocked at over 200 MPH? It's at the bottom of the page under the "Your Rides" section. Three "I" motors. Hehehe.
Originally posted by billEblurzz
Wow!! Thanks eugenefl and mkmilion for the links. I have never seen any other car sites and have been wanting to see other's projects. Does anyone know anything about a new future release from Estes called Rocket Racers? There is something called this on Tower Hobbies's site???:D


Estes website says their release is this year, and also have a pic of them; I have seen them on hobbylinc last November but they aren't for sale yet. I believe you can preorder them. Personally I like the Blurzz better because of the drag style, not like the Tuners rice rocket style even though I might purchase them anyway.
BTW you're welcome for the link I'm pretty sure NU is too.
So how about them conversion plans?