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Sweet job !! Black or red the Black BrantII is a nice rocket. I've built, flown, crashed, rebuilt and flown two of these great rockets. One of them pranged and now sits on my build bench and my red BBII is ready to fly again. The C11 is a good choice for a small field and the D12 is really impressive.

Keep up the good work... :D
very nice unique touch using the red paint in place of the white. Should be able to see that one on an E9 :D

I've actually concidered replacing the black with purple (thats my color you see). I may investigate that further.

Great job!!
very cool. I love black brant rockets....they look beautiful! Sort of like a combination of the Black Brant II's scheme:


and the coloring of the Black Brant III:

I think , it allready ok to use a C6-3 and smaller chute . I´ve lost my BB. on a C6-3 and the stock chute. I think it´s still up there.....:kill:
You can fly an Estes Black Brant II with a longer-delay C, like a C6-5, or maybe even C6-7 (with an adapter, of course). For a small field (dependng on what you call small) a B6-4 or A8-3 should be fine.
Originally posted by Bowhunter
ok i got to ask how do you load pics in here on the reply area

use the 'IMG' button.

I'm not sure why estes put a 24mm mount in there. It goes way too high and drifts a bunch on a D12....I fiberglassed my BBII and plan on flying it on a G35 at LDRS. Talk about going too high!

Make an adaptor out of a used D casing and fly it on a B for small fields. It's a great rocket.
That's nice!
Back in '89-'90 my friend L.W. Scott flew one with an AT one-shot 'E'. Boy did it go! We spent 2-3 hrs. getting it back, but what a flight!
BP Jones
Nice one BP,spending 2-3 hours getting a rocket back is real dedication,i allways cheat and send my daughter for my drifters.:D

welcome to the forum,im sure youll find all your rocketry needs satisfied and much much more:D