Estes Black Brant 2 plans

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Feb 15, 2011
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Roanoke Rapids NC
I am looking for the Estes Black Brant 2 Plans that are in a PDF format
The only ones I can locate are scanned in a GIF format

I had a set of plans in PDF format but misplaced the jump drive that they
were saved on


If you just absolutely have to have a pdf, I can make you one from the tiff file K'Tesh references.
?The pdf of all the instructions comes out to 5.3 M. Zipped it's 3.4M. Apparently this is too big for the forum. I'll break it down into pieces and try again.
I can't seem to make it any smaller. Send me your email address and I'll mail it to you directly. What I did was to download all the drawings, then cut/paste them into Libre Office Writer. Once I had a compiled document, I used the built-in save-to-pdf function. I've done this with a lot of on-line plans that are saved as tiffs.
Looks like you got it figured out. Your pictures are a lot cleaner than mine. What did you use to make the pfds?
That works. I hadn't played with GIMP enough to know it could do that. Now, how do you combine all the individual pages into a single file?
I found PDF-Splitter-and-Merger from PDFArea (lots of good stuff there)

I was able to combine them at about 2.7M. (still to big to post to the forum, I think)

Google used to have a pdf merger, but I guess they got tired of it and it's no longer available.