Estes AGM-57X Launch Report

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Jan 9, 2004
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So after my Hi-Flier flew away I picked up this kit for $6 on sale. It went together really nicely, no problems at all. I first put it up on a B6-4. It took off good, then went really squirelly and decided to nose to the side and loop de loop and then pop the chute. Then I decided to try and Estes C6-5. Again, flew straight up then went into cruise missile mode and then *again* snapped the elastic when the charge went off. Fortunately where I was flying it landed on soft ground and noting was hurt. I checked fin alignment and they are straight and true. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?

Mine has gone horizontal on B's as well. I've never had the guts to put a C in it.
Guys...I have flown that rocket a ton on both B and C motors. You may wish to add a bit of noseweight as it really needs it. I have two built, two more's just too cool a rocket.

OH yea...after a few launches, my cord also is too short, so I lengthened it and I have fewer problems.
I should have known you built one of these since you have an affinity for military rockets. How much nose weight did you add? I couldn't fly today (windy) and was thinking 10 grams.