Estes 302227: Rocket Builder's Tube Marking Guide review

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CON: The downside is that both the inches and MM rulers were not printed from the very end of the ruler, they are inset 5/8', so you need to adjust for any measurement you need before marking a solid line round the rear of a tube. Say for marking the rear fin line on a tube, for proper placement of fins.

My understanding of why it is 5/8" from the end, is that when you want to mark a tube, you insert your pencil in the hollow leg. The point on the pencil will come out at the 0" mark, then move your tube to the length you want. Hold and rotate the tube that is up against the slider. Then you can mark your tube in a perfect circle for cutting the length.

Just my two cents.

May I put your review on EMRR?


Many thanks..glad you like it. 8)


Your right.

My apologies, I didn't see it being used that way, as I had the tube switched around opposite the instructions, and was trying to measure from the end. Now that I looked at the image again, it makes sense. Geez, too late in the day when I wrote that. *slaps self*

I'll make the correction to the review and if you would like to post this to your site...thats great. To be honest I didn't think you needed a review on this item.

Glad to help. 8)

I've included your correction in Italics, since it cleared up my explanation perfectly, should be good to go. 8)

Not sure if you wish to host this page or not. I say that because I'm at tripod and they tend to be finicky about my free bandwidth. By the way, if you need the original images, I can send them to you.

Thanks again,

R.S. Barker