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Estes 2157 Saturn V

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Sep 16, 2015
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Louisville OH
Through my lack of attention and procrastination I missed out on the last issue of the Estes Saturn V. So now I’m looking for one - had two vendors who showed it in stock cancel my orders. If you are one of the people who were smarter than me and bought a Saturn V (or two :) ) and are willing to part with it please PM me. Only restriction is I’m not going to pay scalper prices for one - the only one currently available on Amazon is $199.00! - but something around list price plus shipping is do-able. Thanks!
Ken at Performance Hobbies has it in stock. If not, I have one. I also have a #2001 if interested.
If you are still looking for one of these AC Supply might have them for $54 like I purchased a few weeks back. Great price and great service!

+1 on ordering a kit from AC Supply.
You can't beat 40% off discount (well, not easily), and they still have it in stock for $54, vs. ~2x-4x that price that eBay vultures are asking for the same kit:

Or, you can order it directly from Estes for $90, also in stock: