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Estes 2125 AIM-9 SideWinder (OOP)

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Woody's Workshop

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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
From my Personal Collection, 1 I hate to let go...but...
As New, Box, sealed bag of components and pristine instructions.
Everything about this kit is Pristine. One of my favorites.

Asking $30 plus shipping (the average price on Ebay as of late).

Best way to contact me is by Email at [email protected]
Notifications hasn't worked in months (hopefully someone will fix this soon)

Thank You Kindly for your Interest


IM000257 (2).jpg

IM000254 (2).jpg

IM000255 (2).jpg

IM000256 (2).jpg
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Now this is a winner! Now that The Launch Pad Kits has gone away, this is the only chance you will have at an AIM-9 Sidwinder.
So group your purchase with one of the other rockets or kits I have up for sale and make yourself famous!
And help out a fellow rocketeer in need!
Thank You Kindly,
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