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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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I've always liked this rocket for some reason. Some time ago, I saw one on eBay and bid on it. When the final price was around $50 ( :eek: ) I hadn't won it.

Then I read something on EMRR, and decided to clone it.

Actually, this is my first true "kitbash." Not where you modify or bash together two different designs. I mean "kitbash" in the sense of buying one kit and making something totally different.

In this case, it was the current Estes Nemesis. The only reason was for the nose cone. Then it was off to JimZ's for patterns and plans.

Listed as a "skill 3" rocket, it really was a pretty easy build.
The decals are actually TangoPapa's.

I feel that I must point this out: They'd be Excelsior if I'd have known about "Phred" and his business at the time. I ordered these months ago with this project in mind. I have more than a few others from Tango Papa waiting to be used, too.

Here's a "side" view.
Sorry, no build pics - I haven't done any yet, and this was thrown together pretty quickly over this past weekend in between chores, errands, housework, etc. The only delay between then and now has been drying sanding sealer and paint(s).

Here's another view. My camera and I haven't been getting along well lately, and the focus seems odd.....

I like it!!
The coolest thing about this model is the nose cone is currently available from Estes!

With Excelcior making the decals, and JimZ's's easy to do.

Good Job!
lookin good,I always liked that one too.
what is it that you didn't like about the Decals?
I've been looking at doing one of these as well - I think the Star Rider looks a lot cooler than the Nemesis!

Originally posted by sandman
the nose cone is currently available from Estes!

Is there a designation or some kind of ident that I should ask for?
Is this the exact same as Estes uses in their kit, or else which Estes kits use this thing?
(Somehow I don't think they're going to know what I mean if I refer to "Fore Check's" version)

BTW, cool job on your clone
Originally posted by stymye
lookin good,I always liked that one too.
what is it that you didn't like about the Decals?

Oh, there's nothing wrong with them at all. TangoPapa does really fine work.

The reason I mentioned it is because Excelsior does equally fine work at a better price. I also prefer to spend my rocket dollars with the vendors who participate here where possible. Hence, Excelsior has my current and future business for decals.
Hey powderburner:

According to the Estes nose cone reference chart from YORS, the part number is 071005. Curiously, this is a "re-issued" part number that was previously assigned to a very different cone that was used on the Alien Invader, Torrelian Invader (from the Starfighter Combo kit), Hyperion, and F-61 Starfighter.

This one simply has a single canopy and a pair of canards.

It is used on two current Estes offerings: the #2175 Nemesis and the Spitfire SSI (which is packaged with the Goliath in the #1474 Mega Maxx E2X Starter Set.)

I suggest picking up a Nemesis during a Hobby Lobby 1/2 off sale, and using the nose cone, body tube, engine mount assembly, and launch lug. Then just cut your own fins and rings (the rings are 1" long BT80.)

Love the combo fins. not familiar with the original. Makes me wanna diverge constructionwise from a standard build, but I'm still getting a handle on CG/CP! Finish and decals look nice and smooth. Great!

Andy T
Great looking rocket.
Oh, no, I can feel myself asking about parts...
No, no stop me. I don't need another project! :D
I love the Star Rider! I'm still flyin' the original model. It's one of my favorites. Your bash looks great. I would like to upscale a Star Rider to the mid-power size.
Originally posted by reckhardt
I have always liked the Star Rider also, so I built a 4X upscale version for my level 1 and level 2 TRA rocket. For it's level 2 flight, I mounted a video camera in the nose cone canopy.


That's freaking awesome!

I took the liberty of resizing one of those launch photos and attaching it here.

What motor is this in this photo?

Originally posted by johnnwwa
Hey guys and gals

PDRocketry has a clone available for less than $20.00.
For those of you that don't want to dig for the parts.


PDR has one listed on ebay Buy it Now @ $19.95 + $4.05 shipping

Hey gang-

I've always been a big fan of the Star Rider as well! I'm in the middle of a clone and an upscale (~2.75x up). Hopefully I'll be flying it at Plaster Blaster this year. I scrounged the ring for the ring fin from the trash bin of Andy Woerner of Polecat Aerospace! He was chucking several perfect cut offs from the bases of his 7.5" fiberglass nose cones! These were just the thing I was looking for for a super strong, lightweight ring! I'll try to get pics up in the next couple of days.
I think I actually have an original in my build box. Hmmm? I'll have to check after school.

EDIT: (Insert phony French accent here) Yea, I already got one...issa berry nice.
Originally posted by sandman
The coolest thing about this model is the nose cone is currently available from Estes!

Sandman: Does this mean that one can call Estes and just order a particular nose cone? I understand and asume that it still has to be in production.
Sandman: Does this mean that one can call Estes and just order a particular nose cone?


It helps if you have the part number but it's not essential.

Even if it's not in production Christine may have one or two on the shelf.

Sometimes she has to go look it up and call you back.
Very cool design! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I am sure a lot of us will be ordering the decals and the nose cone or the clone kit from PD.

Best regards,
I'm glad you found my post to EMMR to be inspiring. :) I love the lines of the Star Rider, and your clone looks great!

Only saw the thread today but I bought 2 of the nose cones on Sunday as they looked pretty cool so I may be building one of these before too long.
Hey all-

Here you go, as promised! Gotta love this rocket! It still needs the canopy and canard fins, but it's getting there! The decals will be coming soon from Excelsior!
Very cool looking build! What do you plan to use for your canopy? I have heard of people using an RC Helicopter canopy. On mine, I used a layer of Great Stuff expanding foam (filed down to shape), a layer of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty, and then a layer of epoxy. It's always interesting to see different building techniques for the same result.
great looking upscale Punk!

the NC looks similar to the Rengade NC. When I upscaled my Renegade I simply used a scrap block of balsa and carved the canopy by cutting to rough shape with razor saws and then sanding to final shape.

care must be taken to asure symmetry but its not too hard and if it gets screwed up you get another chunk of scrap balsa and start again.

just another idea to consider
I was planning on going with the balsa route, but I'm using one from an RC kit is interesting! Might have to make a trip to the hobby shop to see if I can find one that is the right profile! I've been looking around at all sorts of odd bits of plastic lately to see if I can find one that's the right shape, but nothing's quite right yet....