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xx Este, BMS Kits and miscellaneous items

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Jan 24, 2009
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Starting to clear out some kits that have multiples of.
I have 3 BMS Saturn V reissued kits from 2018, they were leftovers from a club order that were never picked up,
Asking $80 per kit plus shipping.
BMS Saturn V Front.JPGBMS Saturn V Rear.JPG
Have one Estes Terrier Sandhawk kit, boxed with Shrink wrap from the 1994 era, asking $125 plus shipping.
Terrier Sandhawk.JPG

Have one opened Astrocam 400 from 1979-1982 era, missing the Delta II fin can, but contains one full Astrocam kit plus a second almost fully complete, just missing the Mirror housing. Two different Delta II decals. Asking $30 plus shipping.

Astrocam Box.JPGAstrocam Parts.JPGAstrocam Instructions.JPG

I have 1 Aerotech RMS 75FSD 75mm forward seal disc for the RMS 3 inch motor, new in bag asking $25 plus shipping.

Will investigate shipping via Canada Post/USPS, for interested parties. All deals via PayPal. If interested PM me or email
[email protected].

Thanks for looking.

Garth Illerbrun
NAR 26894 L2
CAR S04 L3
Calgary , Alberta


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Pending sales on one Saturn, the Terrier Sandhawk and Astrocams. Thanks for your interest.

Garth Illerbrun
NAR 26894 L2
CAR S04 L3
Pricing reduced, two remaining BMS Saturn V, now asking $70US, shipping will be approximately an additional $25-$30 US depending upon distance.

RMS 75 FSD reduced to $20 US plus shipping, Astrocams reduced to $25 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.

Garth Illerbrun