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Jan 19, 2009
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Launch Report

July 10, 2004

On Saturday, July 10th, the ERG held a launch at the new Lander, PA, field. Ken Holloway acted as launch director and RSO. The weather was cloudy in the morning but cleared by the afternoon. The winds were light with temperatures in the 80’s. It was a very great day for flying!

Andy Miller spent the day working on burning up parachutes trying for his NARTEK “Bronze” duration flight. Moving away from his parachute problems, Andy thrilled us with a great flight of his LOC “Viper-4” on 4 E9-8’s to over 2000’. Andy also launched his BSD “Horizon” on a 2 grain Pro38 “Smoky Sam” reload to over 2500’.

Mrs. Wilkey brought her son, Duane, and he launched a rocket entitled “Big Ugly Rocket Yet To Be Named”, on a K950 Super Tiger. Except for a parachute glitch, the main was not ejected completely at 900’ on the way down, it was a great flight. The rocket sustained only minor damage and reportedly will be flying at our next launch on a K1275R! Duane’s flight was the first “K” motor flight at the Lander field and the first from our new Level-III “Mega-Pad”. Way to go Duane!

After 2 years of trying to get his PML “Eclipse” with a CPR 3000 system to work properly, Jim Blackman managed a perfect flight. He flew the Eclipse to over 3200’ on a Pro38 I285. Good going Jim!

“Team Conneaut”, AKA Ken Holloway and Andy Miller, painted the sky with an I285 Redline in a Binder Design “Excel”. The spectators were impressed by the sound and red flame of the Aerotech reload. Great boost, minor problem on recovery when the booster section started rotating around the parachute and “reefed” the shroud lines. The rocket sustained only minor damage and will be back on the flight line soon. Nice job guys!

Kathy Blackman managed to get in several flights, between recovering her husband’s rocket, Andy’s rocket, the rocket Ken left in a tree from the last launch, and Andy’s glasses lost under the tree while trying the get Ken’s rocket. She was especially proud of the first flight of her AMRAAM. She also served a great lunch for one and all and helped her daughter Annie launch her model rockets. Kudos to the Rocket Goddess!

Denise McKee flew her second level 1 rocket today. The PML “Intruder” flying on a PRO 38 I205 got real small real fast after lift off. The recovery included a walk past the high power rack, down to the bottom of the field, around the pond, through the sunflower field, across the next field to the tree line. Lucky girl, the chute was in a tree and the rocket was on the ground. Despite the long walk and the tree thing, it was a great flight. Good job, Denise!

Also on the distaff side Denise and Kathy’s daughters entertained the crowd with multiple flights of their Estes’ “Mean Machines”.

Your author spent the day looking for the boat tail snap ring to retain the HyperTek motor in his “Black Brant”. It was finally located 8 minutes before the Waiver was to expire. Too late to have fun! It was a great day even with that sad note. We also had many spectators since interest was generated from the notes published in the local newspaper.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard A. Olson
Erie Rocket Group
Looking over this post I noticed that I'd forgotten to mention one thing. The Erie Rocketry Group launchs twice a month at our Sugar Grove / Lander PA field. Check out:

for dates and times.

Our next launch will be this weekend starting with setup at 0900 at the lander site.

Ken Holloway