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Jul 17, 2012
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Mid Michigan
I have a different approach I want to take in my Eradicator build. Reading Edward Chess' review on Rocket Reviews and comments from @shawn_rocket and @bobbyg23, I wanted to get an experienced Eradicator builder's take on this.

  • I was thinking of gluing the 8 vanes in place (step 14) and then painting the entire lower half of the rocket white BEFORE gluing it in to the upper body tube (which I'll also paint white prior to attaching). That way I can fit the upper ring into place after the rocket is painted white, BUT without having to split the forward gray ring. All I have to do then is finish gluing the lower assembly into the upper body tube. Worst case is I may have to give a quick spray of white into the lower assembly/upper body joint (near the vanes) to catch any of the inner part of the upper body tube which got missed. Heck even a touch up with a brush is all that might be needed. Easily done with a spray though since it will be nowhere near the gray rings AND the spray will be in the opposite direction. Your thoughts? Anything cautions or things I'm not considering?

Also, if you're an interested Eradicator fan FWIW.

  • I plan on gluing the rear centering ring in after I've filleted the forward centering ring and the fins. I always do it that way.

  • I am toying with the idea of making a payload compartment/access panel in the side of the upper body tube, in between the two upper body tube centering rings. That way I can put my JL Altimeter 2 in there; it won't be exposed to motor ejection heat and gases and I'll only have to vent a very small portion since that should be a small isolated chamber between those two rings. I don't want to create a payload bay just for a small altimeter.
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Jan 18, 2009
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Not an option I thought of during building, but seems like it'd work just fine, as long as the upper CRs are kept free of paint. Probably easier to paint too. I like the idea of a small hatch for a recording altimeter.

IIRC, I built mine similar to Ed's. Split & installed forward split ring after all other finishing. It worked well, and it's flown quite a few times with no issues. Usually on G77R, H165R, or H210R. I installed a small e-bay in the nose cone for apogee deployment, with an RRC2. First few flights, I used a cable cutter to open the main, but now just use a JL chute release. I need to get that model out flying again.