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Apr 24, 2004
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i just got some 4-6 minute epoxy from michales for my loc weasel (wich still hasnt arrived yet grrrr) i wanted to try it out. so i got the plastic cap from a tube of superglue and glued it to the metal lid for some box or something. after waiting about i day to let it get to full strength. with a bit of difficulty i was able to rip it right off the pan. im afraid that it will be too weak for a size F motor. do you guys think it was weak because it was a bond between metal and plastic or because it's just to weak for rockets. i mean i had to lay the pan out on the table a pull on it for a while to get it off. should i just shutup about it and glue the fins on and then add some good CA fillets. basically i just want to know if i use this glue is my rocket gonna fall apart. thanks
If the pan was smooth then the epoxy had nothing to hold onto. I bed if you rough up the pan some and try again you will find it will be a lot harder to remove. Also the epoxy will soak into the fins / BT / MT when you put it on making a lot stronger hold.

No, the epoxy is fine. For fillets I prefer 12 or 15 minute, but for an f motor you will have no problem. I use 15 minute with at much as an I284, never had a fin even come close of coming off. One thing I do is put fillets on 6 places per fin. both sides from fin to outside of airframe, both sides from fin to inside of airframe, and both sides of fin to motor mount. Very strong. Don't even try the internal fillets with 5 minute though. get some 12 and let it run down.

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Oh, short answer, you'll be fine.