Enhanced OpenRocket parts database published

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semi old rocketeer
Jun 6, 2011
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Time for a small contribution to the OpenRocket community. Check out https://github.com/dbcook/openrocket-database for my expanded and corrected parts database that you can install on top of OpenRocket 15.03. The emphasis so far has been on Estes and LOC parts, with SEMROC underway. So many errors have been removed that I gave up on listing them long ago. A little bit of command line mojo is needed to install it (basically clone the git repo and make a symlink). The README has a ton of info about how OpenRocket looks for parts files, and instructions on making a stripped version of OR that removes the built-in parts.

A few goodies:
  • Annoying mass overrides removed
  • Estes parts rectified against the Brohm tube and nose cone references
  • Estes PSII parts added
  • LOC parts file tremendously improved
  • Lots of research info written into the files as comments

I hope at least some people will find this useful. Please report bugs and submit contributions on GitHub.