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Feb 22, 2003
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Well, I just lost out on a Energia-Buran on Ebay - due to my watching Alias - and forgetting to run upstairs and pump the price up *sigh* - it figures too, I watch two shows a week -Stargate and Alias and lose out by 50 frigging cents. lol

So, I'd like to enlist my family, aka - you, to help me find a model of both the Shuttle and booster sections - similar to the just ended auction.


If anyone comes across one of these, please let me know via email or PM, and I'll shoot a money order out to the company in question asap.

I'd like to add this to my growing collection of models, and use this for some of the scaled up detail on an upcoming Energia-Buran scratchbuilt model.

Thanks in advance,

Boy, are you LUCKY!

I mean that seriously - this kit is not common (in the U.S.), but it is certainly not rare at all, and $26 is WAY MORE than they usually sell for.

This is the STC-Start 1/288 Buran, they are about as rare as dishonest politicians. You should be able to score one for about $13 to $19, if you're not in a huge rush.

There's another 1/288 Energia-Buran made by Master Modell of Germany, which is out of production - this kit will command $40 to $60 on the market, because it is OOP. But the STC-Start kit is widely available, and there are two box art versions out there (the one pictured in this auction is the older style) so watch out for it.

BTW, STC-Start also makes a stand-alone Buran orbiter, this typically goes for $6 to $12. Make sure you don't bid on that one by mistake, if you're after the full stack.

-Vince P.
Thanks for the info Guys, much appreciated. 8)

After posting this thread, I did another search on Ebay and see that he had the stand alone Buran AND that he also had the GTC Energia model for sale. Both auctions just ended - and while I was very tempted to bid on them - 14 bucks total + 10 for shipping, I decided to do a search for his homepage, which turned out to be


I emailed him about a collection of 4 models of this series which he has listed for 24 bucks + 12 for S&H. Needless to say, I'm quite anxious about this since its a sweet little collection and in my price range - considering I would have spent 26 for just one model. Here is the actual listing - hopefully the guy has more than one set in stock because I can see a mad run on these for this price. lol


So, I figured they were out of stock, and lo and behold I got an email about 2 hours ago, stating...they are in and the price is correct.

I sent a second email to a gentleman I know who has dealt with them in the past, and he told me to order this post haste - given his dealings with this company in the past, and the quality of the collection. Needless to say, the money has been sent.

Once I recieve the set - straight from Russia - which is very cool I'll post a follow up on what the kits look like.

Thanks again for all of your help. ^5ss 8)
Quick update:

My order of 4 models is on the way from St. Petersburg Russia and should take 18 days to get here. I recieved a nice email from Andy at Rus-sell explaining small details on my order. Very professional communication.

Man, I'm geeked to get these 4 kits..*drool*

I'll post another update once the kits arrive detailing how they look and are packaged.

Missed the mailman by 10 minutes today, instead had a registered notification in the box. Picked up the package at 4 pm this evening, and very impressed with the quality of the packaging and the 4 kits. 7 days all the way from St. Petersburgh Russia, even has a postmark from Moscow on the shipping paper.

The kits are what I expected for 1/288th scale, color coded in white, black and grey. Using the Energia-Buran as the example:

White for the orbiter and main tank parts

Black for the orbiter bottom and all the engine cowlings

Grey for the external fuel tanks

Includes a slick display stand, and has adequate information in Russian and English - and the decals are very basic, but workable.

A lot of flash - but its very thin and easy to remove. The sprues - unlike the MiniCraft Shuttle with Stacks which has massive sprue attached to reach piece - are very nice, they break/cut away easily from the runners.

I put the Energia-Buran together in about an hour, test fitting every thing and had no problems with it staying together.

I've a ton of work to do on this kit, but will save it till last, instead focusing on the Polus first.

Overall, I'm thouroughly impressed by the speed with which Rus-Sell sent this set to me, and for 36 bucks to cover everything, and it coming registered mail directly from Moscow in 7 days, its well worth your time and energy (pun intended).

Here's how far I got on mine. This was a couple of years ago before other things distracted me. I added a few bits and if you look at the strap ons you can see where I filled in the top parachute packs. That block on the corrugated area of the core has to go; I think it's where umbilicals hook in, but there's no such piece on the rocket itself. This was before I had more photos of the real thing.
Drew Tomko
Close up of the strap on noses. Looking at them now I'm not happy with the results, but I'll probably just paint them and move on.