Endeavor with basic flames

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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, I bought my Endeavor back in May, from Magnum, at the Souther Thunder launch. Build went rather quick, and straight forward. Then, I had surgery. Money got tight for a while, and since I new I wouldn't be able to purchase any hardware, and reloads for a while, I just kind of set it in the corner. Recently, I've gotten back up on top in the rocket budget, aquired some nice hardware, and decided to dust it off and get it painted. Here she is in all her glory. All that's left, is a good clear coat, rail buttons, and PML retainer. The flames are of the most basic style, but turned out great with the color combo.
Now that's pretty neat. Good way to start making flames. Now it's time to perfect your technique and make some sweet flames!


Whats the motor o choice for this excellent looking vehicle? I161? I211? maybe a Redline? Pro38 Smokey Sam?

Good job David, gotta love the PML Endevor
I've been looking at the I161, and 211, or a Pro38 4 grain. I don't have the motor yet :(

We plan on coming down on the 9th, and it'll be tagging along. If someone there happens to have a motor they'd be willing to part with, I'd gladly take it off their hands.
love the paint job,ripped flames, hopefully you can find that I load!
Very nice Dave! It's always good to have the "rocket budget" in the black. ;)