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Oct 8, 2002
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At the end of the year (2004) I will be giving away rockets to 3 random subscribers of Vertical Force Rocketry's email list.

First Giveaway: Semroc SLS Javelin ($19.50 retail)
Second: FlisKits Freedom Forge Missile ($15.95 retail)
Third: FlisKits Stingray ($14.95 retail)
Hey, don't forget about mine. Some lucky person could win both giveaways!
Haha, I'm registered on your too, man, that would be awesome if the vendors won!

I guess if enough TRFers join in though they will reduce our chances of a trade (hint hint).
OK, I signed up too. But I'll make you a deal- If my name is drawn,
take the prize to a NOVAAR launch and give it to a deserving kid... :)

Find a youngster behind the fence line, watching the rockets & wishing
he had one too.

Thanks! And Happy Holiday's!