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Jan 17, 2009
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Found this great site via a link in ROL for the Encyclopedia Astronautica at: https://www.astronautix.com/

I *highly* recommend that you click on "The Hard Road to Space" and spend a few minutes, then also check out "Firsts in Space"

Never really gave it much thought, but Apollo 9 had the unique "first" in that it was the first time man ever entered a space craft that could not return him to the earth (the LEM).

That is an excellent website, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to kill time (one minute or one day). There is lots of info on many obscure missiles and spacecraft. It is one of my first stops when I go looking . . .
Yes, this is a great website. I can lose track of time while at this website!!!!!!
This is an amazing site... I discovered it back years ago, when I was "on hiatus" from rocketry. It's got tons of info on all sorts of launch vehicles and also on concept vehicles that never actually flew, such as the Saturn variants like the Saturn C-3 and C-4.

Along with ROTW, this is probably the most comprehensive info source out there on launch vehicles. An absolute must if you have any interest in scale models.

For instance, the Nova - the proposed, larger successor to the Saturn V, which would have been used if the direct-ascent mode had been selected for Apollo. :eek: Amazing to see the similarities with the Soviet N-1...


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