EMRR's Virtual Rocketry Contest #4

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Starting to get some designs, 2 from newbies, 1 from an old pro...

Bring them on folks.

I submitted my designs to Nick yesterday. The design process was more challenging than I originally expected. Speed, altitude, low stress, looks, and a drag race are alot to account for. Good luck to all the contestants.
Your submission was well done, especially for a newbie. :)

This contest is a blast...no pun intended! Coming up with rockets and tweaking them to satisfy all of the requirements is challenging, but fun!

Dig out your copy of Rocksim and enter today!
Last chance to get in on the contest. Entries must be received by tomorrow, 6/26 at midnight.

I still can't believe my design won the beauty contest! Thanks to all those who voted for my design; and thanks to Nick and all the rocketry Vendors that sponsored the contest.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055