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Jan 18, 2009
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Essence’s Model Rocket Contests Are Ending Soon.

Essence’s Model Rocket Review (EMRR) wishes to remind everyone that the deadlines for two of its 2009 contest are just around the corner.

The EMRR 2009 Rocket Video Contest will end September 27.2009. There are already a few great entries, making room for many more! Several vendors and guest have come forward to provide excellent prizes for those that place. EMRR guests will get the opportunity to judge the videos starting September 29, 2009.

To check the current entries or get more info on how enter your video visit EMRR at https://www.rocketreviews.com/contests/video_contest3.shtml

Also, the 2009 EMRR Challenge is still going on… ending December 15, 2009. A multitude of prizes can be won throughout the year by participating in the Challenge. Many have already claimed some very cool prizes. But, the best is yet to come! Public Missiles, Semroc Astronautics and Squirrel Works are providing absolutely fantastic prizes.

The Gold Prize is from Public Missiles Ltd. They will present Gold winner with one of their Thunder-N-Lightening high power two stage rocket kits.

Semroc is supplying five of their staged rocket kits plus a $50 shopping spree for the Silver prize.

The Bronze prize is from Squirrel Works. Bronze level winner will receive two of their staged rockets kits

Who would want to pass up a chance to win prizes like these? The total prize package for this years Challenge comes to over $1000!

For more details on the 2009 EMRR Challenge visit EMRR at

So get movin’. Don’t miss out on your fifteen minutes of fame. Get those videos submitted and keep working on the Challenge! The end is near!