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Jan 13, 2004
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Just wondering if any of the vendors are planning to use any of the designs from the logo contest???
I do.

But I like the 2nd place finisher best.

We have finally come to a decision. We picked 2 people, which we will narrow down to one. We love the logo we have now, kindly GIVEN by Steward (he may be recieving something anyway). We are still going to use his, and maybe another. The other 2 that we must decide on are Joshua Barney's and Morgan Lee's. There is a couple adjustments that we have to make to them, but I think we can do it. As for the others, we loved every one of them but we had to narrow it down to the ones without a black background or unable to have a black background, for as you know, our site has a lot of black. These, unfortunately, were most of them. We loved ALL of them, trust me, it was a hard decision. Congratulations to Jim Myers (SwingWing), who won. He will recieve a Deuces Wild for his awesome first place entry. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for all the EXCELLENT submissions!
I like a couple or three of them and I'm trying to figure out a way to use more than one. Most companies have only one, but I thought I might could use one on my website, one in my Ebay store, and one in my..........oops, almost let loose some big news there. So hard for me to keep quiet! I'll let ya know soon what it is.