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Feb 20, 2009
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Someone wrote some very hateful emails to Nick and he has decided to pull the plug on the EMRR website. This is terrible news. :(
It had @$&%* well better be an April Fool's! That is so NOT funny.:kill:
I was so shocked to see the notice on his website I never thought it may be a April Fools joke. Doesn't sound like an joke fellas.......:(
Curses, foiled again.

Nick, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
Folks, we are in the company of a genius. That was extremely well done, Nick!:p
I fell for it. Jolly Good. Jolly Good. Just glad to see EMRR is still around. Keep up the good work!!!


I hope ya realize the best site in the world would get emails like that..

Example.. YOUR SITE....

Hope ya don't sweat those idiots... i'd be lost without your site and appreciate it greatly.

Thanks again for all the work you do...
Scared the heck out of me.
EMRR is the first place I go when starting a new project.
I would have been absolutely lost:eek:
At first i thought...yea, April Fools' Day but that was a terrible joke to play on Nick...

Then I find out he did it to himself!...GOOD ONE NICK!!:kill:


I have to admit, this has been the best day of my entire EMRR life! The notes have been wonderful, painful, and funny! Especially the "aw, ya got me's"

I will post them, without names, at some point... on EMRR!

Many expressed... "I know I didn't say thanks enough, but..."

I appreciate that, but if you want to express thanks:

+ stay interactive (new reviews, feedback, tips)
+ join the contests
+ enter the flight logs
+ visit the hobby shops that have banners on the site
+ keep supporting the hobby and manufacturers

And shamelessly :rolleyes: if you feel like it buy the next new version of "EMRR on CD", since that primary funds the site and the Quarterly Rocket Give-Aways.

Thanks all. I'll put the site back together tomorrow morning instead of Sunday.

Don't forget to change your clocks.... Spring ahead.

gave me the sweats.
if it wasn't for EMRR i would not have found out about TRF.

i would have been making more mistakes than i already am.
never even noticed that you offer a cd. i would be able to look up things,tips/hints without having to bump the wife off of the computer. could just go into the shop with the old system and read it there.

I am sending you the doctor's bill for removing the hook, line and sinker from my throat. :) Glad you are not going anywhere.

I'm just glad to see that Nick was just playing an April Fool's joke but he had me convinced that he was actually pulling the plug on the site. I always refer to it before I consider a particular project.

I'm glad that Nick isn't going anywhere but it's still sad that a few disgruntled minds have to squash the efforts of others.

Nick runs a top-notch site and the rocketry community would suffer a major loss without it. Keep up the great work Nick.

And to think, I wrote a whole 1/4 page long letter on EMMR's "contribution to the sport of rocketry". I feel so stupid...:kill: <-me
Hey Pyro Pro,

Don't feel bad, just join the rest of us that got "fooled."


And ya almost gave me a heart attack!!! Dont do that again, man!!!:eek: ;) :p Well, as long as I am still young, I guess my heart can take it, but once I am 50 or somethin.... Itll kill me!!!!

Glad to hear the sites still up. It occupied my entire winter when I couldent build anything!!! Well, now that the spring building/flying season has kicked into high gear, you can expect another half-dozen or more reviews from me... I gotta fly my Deltie B (I GOT MOTORS!!!! As soon as this frikkin rain stopps and dries up I will fly. Promise. Though that may take a week or so. Rains in the forcast all weekend up here. :kill: ), 3" tomahawk, and build and fly my Tres, and then there will be reviews. I also gotta get my computer fixed so I can get pics of my digital camera...

That was the baddest, meanest evilest april fools joke ever.... Even badder than when my mom told me I was getting a moustache last year!!!!!:kill:

Youve got one heck of a sense of humor, thats for sure!!:eek: ;) :D :p
ok folks! Comeon now.... we're ALL rocket scientists...

and we got a WHOLE YEAR to figure out how to GET NICK BACK!!!! :D :D :D :D
How about a Fliskits rocket design contest where the rule is:

It has to be titled the "Tricky Nicky"?
Originally posted by jflis
we got a WHOLE YEAR to figure out how to GET NICK BACK!!!! :D :D :D :D

I am coming in on the tail end of this thread, but I was fooled also....... I had to go the end of the posts to read the "you got me" before I knew what was going on.......... I would really miss the flight logs section.............
Okay, folks, it was fun and I have captured a portion of it now on this page:


Originally posted by jflis
ok folks! . . . we got a WHOLE YEAR to figure out how to GET NICK BACK!!!! :D

Next time an April 1 date is approaching, we need to prepare to flood Nick with EMRR entries like:

Flight report on Estes Mosquito powered by a J motor

Construction report including step where cement was used to pour airframe tube

Entry in 'Tips and Advice' column discussing use of an anvil as a recovery device

Feedback on construction of (rocket of your choice) complaining that you can't figure out where the bananas, ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherry are supposed to fit

Nick, you've been warned
I am officially turning off all e-mail and entry services from 3/31 - 4/2 going forward.....
Originally posted by EMRR
Okay, folks, it was fun and I have captured a portion of it now on this page:



Oh Lordy, these are as good or *better* than the actual april fools joke! LOL

I love the befor/after effect!

BEFORE: wax poetic, so sorry, anything we can do to help, i'm so sad, please say it ain't so, etc, etc, etc,

AFTER: oh crap! you suck! you are such a wise ***!


just TOO much fun! I'm glad you're posting them!