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Jan 17, 2009
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EMRR has posted the 2010 'Design This Spaceship' contest-

In addition to the photos on EMRR and the linked ortho views from the
author, I suggest grabbing the Lightwave files from the authors web site.

Years ago, shrox recommended a free .lwo file viewer called K3D
available here- https://www.kevs3d.co.uk/

The Lightwave viewer allows you to easily zoom and rotate the model to
check out all the subtle details for construction!

Good Luck to all that enter the contest!
I'm not seeing any pics on EMRR's website not will any enlargements load (404 error). Waz up wif dat?
Waz up wif dat?

Quite simply, some of us have jammed your receivery-reception receivers so you are delayed, while we blaze forward to win the contest!

Bwa Ha Ha Ha! and Bazinga, too.