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Jan 10, 2004
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We apologize for any delay in anyone's shipment. This was started as a hobby and I am in the process of organizing Empire Rockets. My wife has agreed to help me keep track of things and we are organizing things. We will be moving into our new home which I will then be able to set up shop. Right now the lathe is on the kitchen table. I understand that some mistakes have been made but we are interested in customer satisfaction and will be more attentive to customers and in giving prompt ship dates upon order inquiry. Unsatisfied or satisfied customers are welcome to email us at [email protected]. Our kits are hand made one at a time and are all individual so if someone is having a difficult time, requires technical support you may visit our website at www.empirerockets.com or email us. You should expect a response to any email within 24 hours of receipt. I am sorry if anyone was upset or concerned with wait time but that is why we are going to organize things and get it together !

Thank You,

Sincerely, EMPIRE ROCKETS Vin& Jen


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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

I'd just like to add our whole hearted support to what Empire Rockets are doing. Whilst I know that people do get concerned if there are delays in responding to enquiries or shipping orders, we sometimes need to remember that it's the little companies like Empire who bring so much excellent new stuff to the hobby, and more often than not, these are not companies with massive payrolls and a factory at their disposal...they are just mom and pop doing their best to fit in a rocketry business with everything else.

Some of you may have had some problems with Empire in the past, but let's give them a chance to find their feet and give us all what we want. I'll be perfectly honest with you....we have a *lot* more problems dealing with major distributors here in the UK than we do with companies like Empire. A lot of these big outfits just don't really care about customer service....and they don't seem particularly concerned that we choose to source a lot of our products elsewhere for this very reason.

I've been in contact with Jen at Empire a couple of times over this weekend....we're going to be bringing their kits to the UK market just as soon as they get themselves sorted out....but she was totally up front with me and told me they were struggling at the moment to keep on top of everything what with an imminent house move, little room to work, the kids and all the rest of it. Don't forget either that anyone making kits has to source their stuff from another supplier, who may be as interested in customer service as the distributors we have to put up with here....they couldn't care less whether you've been waiting two weeks for a bunch of nose cones or whatever. I suggested to Empire that they come along here and let everyone know what was happening....and that it was just the *not knowing* that people got upset about.

Now Vin has been along and held his hand up so to speak....let's all get behind them and give them all the support we can....hell we can't spend ALL our money on Fliskits !! Jim will understand ;-)

Let's just remember....if we didn't have people like Empire and the like, we'd all be stuck with whatever Estes or Quest produce in the Far East...and that would be it!

That's the Deepsky "thought for the day"

All the best to you all,

Deepsky Rocket Supplies