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Jan 18, 2009
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My daughter Emma has previously built 2 Mosquitos, 2 X-Rays, and a Skywriter, each with a little help from dad.

On a recent trip to the hobby shop she decided she wanted a Custom Razor and she built this one "all by herself", including reading the instructions. :)

It was the first time Emma's built a motor mount, built a parachute, and put the stickers on all by herself. Mom suggested some cute stickers but Emma wanted this one to look just like the picture on the package. :D

At launch, she prepped the rocket, installed the engine and igniter, hooked up the alligator clips, and pushed the button (of course). Two perfect flights.

All in all, it's been the most fun I've had in 30+ years of rocketry, and I didn't do a thing! :p
A closer launch view. Man that little rocket scoots on an A8-3. :rolleyes:

Great photo by big sister Hannah. :D
Very nice Gus

Looks like your daughter did a great job on that. I have one of those and I must have flown it at least 20 times from motors ranging from a 1/2A6-2, a joke. Heck, I probably could have thrown it higher, to a C6-7 which really took it up there, about 1,200 feet is my guess. I normally fly it on A and B motors though and I use a streamer for recovery.

My reccommendation is that if you plan on launching that on a B6-4 or larger, you might want to consider a streamer.
Gus, congratulate Emma for me. The Razor has always been one of my favorite rockets. I upscaled it many times and I used a 4X upscale for my level 2 flight. Emma might be interested in seeing some of the bigger upscales of her first kit.

Upscale Razors
Nice job Emma! You must be a proud papa. The first picture tells it all. Intense look, care and attention to detail and a cool beverage within arms length.:)

I see you have the stipes on nice and straight.

Good job!


Great Job! Looks and flies just like it should! Congratulations on going solo this time!

When ya gonna build something bigger? :)

Maybe you can convince your dad to buy you a Deuce's Wild or something!

Have fun!

Custom Razor rocket kit: $6.99

3-Pack of A8-3 Engines: $4.99

Seeing your daughter build and launch her very first rocket by herself: *Priceless.*

You couldn't ask for a better series of photos than that. The smile on her face in the SUCCESS picture was super.

Good job Emma!:cool: Make some more:cool:
I love rocketry but by far the greatest thrill is seeing the faces of the children when everything goes right.
Congratulations Emma, Great looking rocket and beautiful launch.
Thanks all for your nice comments. Emma is thrilled.

With this build she is now an official member of my Rocket Building Club (two of her cousins are already members). The deal is that if you build a rocket, fly it, and write up a little flight report, you get to pick out any new rocket you want (as long as it's skill-level appropriate), at my expense. :D (I know what you're thinking but, unfortunately, this club is currently limited to my immediate family only. If I win the lottery, maybe that will change. ;) )

Although I showed Emma a number of kits I have here at the house, she wanted a trip to the Hobby Store where she picked out a Custom Galileo. We started it last night and I was surprised to find it includes a (simple) shroud, and REAL DECALS (she had never seen them before and is quite intrigued)!!!

I have to say that I've been quite impressed with the Custom kits. Great value for such inexpensive kits, great instructions, and real variety teaching new building skills.

Don - read your EMRR report before we went to launch, which is why we chose the A8-3. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Mark - I wish I had had my camera out when Emma saw your 4X upscale on a Smokey Sam. Her jaw hit the floor. :D

Thanks again for all the nice comments.
Way to go, Emma! :) Great job! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of more rockets that you build.

Way to go, Gus, for being a great dad!