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Feb 29, 2004
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OK guys .. i tried to do this one on my own and i screwed it up lol .. looked great .. but i ermm .. measured 1/2 inch in .. instead of leaving 1/2 inch out for my engine block ... soooo after the whole thing was glued together (luckily i used too much glue so it didnt dry all the way lol) i had to call in Dr Bowhunter at 2 am this morning to take it apart and fix what i messed up. lol

but the good news is .. HE SAVED IT!!!! yeaaaaa

Ill send a pic soon!

No biggie - the key is that fact that you caught it...unlike the Secretary of my local club that built a Chrome Dome, brought it to the latest launch, prepped it, filled out the flight card, carried the rocket to the pad, then discovered he had put it together with the launch lug directly in line with one of the fins....:D
i'm sure every1 has done something like that at one time or another...
a friend gave me a chrome dome for my last b-day but he had already *built* it. he had a similar problem, only i could still squeak the rod past the fin. to get it in the lug. it flew alright, but i'm sure it could have grab some more altitude if it hadn't:rolleyes:
well, don't feel *too* bad...

...there was the time that I assembled my motor mount then glued it in the rocket backwards.....

**that** wasn't bad enough, mind you, but i was teaching a class at the time...

...and like good little students, each and everyone of them repeated my exact instructions, doing what I did...

and we didn't discover the error until *after* the glue dried.

sheesh! yep, *that* was an expensive lesson... LOL
Lets see.... I 'converted' my ESTES Wac Corporal to 13mm motors by GLUEING in the dummy engine that was actually a spacer....

I alos used to be famous for two things:

1) Glueing the shock chord mount in so that the nose cone would not fit into the BT.

2) Leaving off the launch lug.... I still do this all the time....
Im happy to anncounce the rocket made a full recovery and is getting closer to approach the launch pad
I led a group of youth through a rocketry class using the Estes Alpha III (we got a gob of 'em dirt cheap). If you aren't familiar with this design, it is a classic Estes model that flies great. It features a plastic fin unit that must be glued to the regular cardboard forward BT (you see this one coming, don't you?). It seems that about half of our class, despite all the instruction and all the supervision and all the pre-flight checks, used little or no glue on that body joint. On launch day we had a storm of rocket parts descending on our heads.