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May 25, 2004
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Anyone else getting "spoof" messages from a supposed "Ebay" or "PayPal"? I have gotten at least one every three days from "Ebay." I have only gotten two in the last mont from "PayPal" but I am expecting another one very soon (gut feeling). Ugg... it irritates me! You would think that they would stop sending me this stuff since I have not A) replied or B) clicked on any links. I forwarded my recent message to the real Ebay. This recent email's subject was (this cracks me up) "Fraud Check Verfication." :D
Well, going on. I have noticed that most rocket scientist (AKA: users of this board) have one other hobby in common: photography. I thought that was a little strange.
This Sunday, I am graduating. Gonna make my daddy proud again! Oh, how I would love to see his face light up when they call my name and I recieve my diploma.
By the way, dad, I did cry today at school. A girl just pushed me over the edge and I had two tears in my eyes. My teacher walked over and handed me three tissues. Another girl on the bus told me that she cried last night and that did it for me. I started to laugh and cry at the same time. Puts a new definition to "sappy" (Sad and hAPPY).
Tomorrow, I should be back by 11 or 12. No school. Just graduation practice. I am getting the awards ceremony recorded tomorrow so you can watch it when you get home from work. The teacher said to brink in a video and he'll record it for us.

Well, I have to go. Bye all! Love ya dad!
Yes, I get spoof messages from all kinds of places all the time, on both of my home e-mail accounts and my e-mail account at work. I don't even like to think about all the money we spend on spam filters, virus software, etc, at work. Thousands of dollars and still the crap gets through.

On another note - Congrats on your graduation. I'm sure that your Dad will be very proud.

My daughter is 15, she will be a junior next year. At this point, all she can think about is getting her drivers license in August - and spending days at the pool, and our upcoming beach vacation, and, of course, that subject which Dads wish their daughters weren't thinking about.... boys.

Oh well. congrats again. Hope you have a great summer.
I'm proud to say I have met both of these lovely ladies.

Beth most recently, Congrats on your graduation!

Ken, you couldn't pay me to be you right now!

As for the spoofers...well, you really don't want to read what I usually reply to them.

Usually it is bogus (and intentionally obcene) information.

I also try to save at least one of the stupid bogus email from Nigeria or the Ivory Coast "get rich by sending me money" schemes and forward it to them.

...gosh wouldn't that be poetic justice...a spoofer getting taken by a con artist! :rolleyes:

If you get a spoof from paypal they ask that you send it to [email protected] I do, just to keep them aware of what people are trying to pull.

I actually got a physical mailing in my PO box from a Nigerian scam a couple of weeks ago. It offered ancient spiritual secrets of African Elites that would give me guidance on which Nigerian scams were scams, and which were legitimate. Apparently, the scams are pulling in a lot of money because it was very nicely printed, if the English was a little scrambled.

The troubling thing is that you know that enough people fall for these things to make it worth the spammers' time.

But congratulations on graduating!