Elsberry. Missouri!!!!!!!!!

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Dr. Don

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Aug 23, 2001
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Attention all Rocketeers!!!

Come one!!!!!! Come all!!!!!!!

This weekend (April 3rd & 4th) is the BIG 2-DAY launch
Sponsered by ST. LOUIS ROCKETRY !!!!!!

Events include a full day of flying on Saturday
followed by a NIGHT launch !!!!!!!!!!
...... and another day of launching on Sunday!!!!!

A NAR contest will continue throughout both days!!!!!

More!!! GIANT LEAP will be on site with HUGE amounts
of Motors, Kits and Supplies !!!!!!!!!!!

Check out all the details at:
(There are several rain dates)

AND the now famous BOWHUNTERS will be in attendence!!!!!!!

(Be sure to check out the website for last minute changes)
Dr Don
Ya got that right Dr.Don we'll be there we wouldnt miss it we got a room reserved and rockets to fly. It will be a blast but i wont be bringing my 4 banger fatboy still a little stability probs I need to work out
Wow - a night launch! Those don't seem to happen too often. Be sure and take plenty of pictures! I've only been to 1 night launch. It was held at NEFAR on the east coast. Jim was down for the Tour de Deuce kick-off that weekend. I did him the honor and flew my kit #11 Deuce at night with plenty of glow sticks strapped on. :D
I hope our video dudes will be catching the flights on DVD!!!
We will be flying some pretty neat stuff!!!!!!!!
Some of the guys have put together birds with LED's in the fins that far out-shine the "strapped-on-glow-stick" method!!!
I intend to send my Crayon up on at least an H motor!!!
The glowsticks can be seen for quite a long way in the dark!
Dr Don
Well I drove down for the Elsberry Regional Championship contest that was held in cojunction with the HPR/ sport launch. I had a lot of fun and had a chance to meet the Bowhunters and Dr. Don. Saturday was a little windy but Sunday morning was almost perfect for flying rockets! Too bad I had to leave early to make it back for work today.:(
If anyone has a chance, check out this launch site, it's HUGE!
Nice flat Mississippi River Valley. There always seems to be at least one "G" power event in the contest because of this. There was even a level 3 cert flight on Saturday!! Well worth attending!:cool:
Oct 23 and 24th Will be another two day launch at Elsberry Mo. Ill add more details about the launch as it gets closer.
I got this from the web site
The next scheduled launch is October 23-24 at the Elsberry site featuring our October Fly NAR contest the events are:

F DELD F, dual egg loft duration

A RG, A rocket glide

C SD MR, C streamer duration multiround

B SRD , B superroc duration

OSL , open spot landing
Hey Mike!
Are you planning on Ellsberry In October?
I plan on bringing along the camper and (weather depending)
will stay the weekend at the field. I have several glow sticks set aside for the night launch. Dr Don
Woooohoooooo .. Its gonna be a fun one .. i can feel it in my bones!! hehehhe
Can't wait for the night launch .. should be great !
Don ... Ill bring the onion rings .. you bring the glow sticks ! lmao

We can't wait to see you again!