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Oct 25, 2011
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Hi everyone!
While I was prepping for LDRS, I took a close look at some electronics I have, and decided it was time to find another home for some of it. I have three 2 channel times, with maybe 1-2 uses each, and an Adept altimeter. All prices INCLUDE shipping!

1. Missile Works Pet Timer, (the original). this has been flown maybe once or twice. $40.00 SOLD
2. Missile works PET Timer, I'm not sure if this one has been flown or not. $40.00 SOLD
3. Adept ST-236LH Staging Timer, with harness w/ battery clip. flown twice? $40.00
4. Adept ALT S-2 50K altimeter. This has been used many times, still works great! $45.00 SOLD

I also have a non-working Perfectflite Timer 3, I think the "G" switch is bad, free to the first person who asks for it. All units include instruction manual. Thanks for looking! SOLD

There isn't any action on the Adept timer. I'll leave that posted here for the time being. Thanks!


Phil L.
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