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Jul 2, 2002
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hi guys
i am using a 3" electronics bay that i have made plywood adapters for so i can fly it in my 4" rocket but what do i do about vent holes?? i was thinking of putting a bit of tubing from the vent hole in the 3" bay to out the rocket?
any other suggestions??

I would think that any secure mounting technique would work in installing a 3" tube into a 4" airframe. I think the most important thing to consider is that the hole in the 4" frame needs to be larger than the 3" avionics bay because there is more space to equalize. Also several smaller holes would work.

Perfectflite has a great description of hole sizing in their MAWD instruction manual available online in PDF format.

Using a tube for an airway pipeline would probably work but is also probably over-complicated. However, If your 3" bay is placed where pressure from an ejection charge will affect it then the tube may be required. K.I.S.S. works every time...