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Electronic scale and non-contact pyrometer.

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Aug 3, 2014
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Got these from work when they were surplused out of the system, but they're just taking up space. Would take any reasonable trade for both of them at once.
Not really sure how to price these things as they're not much of a resale market for them.

Omega OS-610 non-contact pyrometer. It's an older unit, but looks like it was barely used, if ever.

OHaus Valor 3000 electronic scale. Powers up and works, sometimes gives an error for the load cell, but still works fine and readings match what my Dymo says.
More settings than I'll ever need. My postage scale is enough. Work used to use it for measuring coating mixtures.

Ideas on what I'd like for trade?
I dunno really. Any good rocket kits for trade?


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Really not looking for a big trade on these, just want to get them to somebody that can use them.

If no interest, no worries. I'll be attending a Pinball convention in April and will sell them there on my table of oddities.
Can you name an approximate monetary value or range? Or maybe a kit you would find worth it? That way there's kind of a baseline.
I'm potentially interested in the Omega, could you PM or post a pic of any identifying marks ( esp. model number )