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Jan 27, 2009
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Untill now I have been using rocketmotion motion matchs for my e-matchs. They are now out of business so i need to find a new brand. I believe the motion matchs were davey fire but I dont know what type. Could you give me a specific type and brand of electronic match??? BTW. I am using two matchs per BP charge to light them reliablly and I am using 2-3 grams of BP.
I have used Daveyfire 28B (white leads) for most of my ejection charges, on occassion I've used oxral and lately home made using ignitor "chips" from firefox.
ALL of the older Daveyfire electric matches are out of production because of supplier problems with their match head supplier in Germany. They have a new type of match, the Daveyfire X2 that is similar to a Oxral match. If you can get Daveyfires somewere, get them soon because they won't be getting any of the old type anymore and the X2s come only with the "B" pyrogen on them. So no more longburn matches
Oxral works fine for ejection charges.

It just might be the HPR users choice, and is generally found at any HPR motor vendors tent at an HPR launch.

Davey had a nich for some other applications like firing small mid power motors, and they did have a good product.

Many times, you find Oxral matches sold glued in brown cardboard tubes already to go for charge canisters.