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Binder Design

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Jan 17, 2009
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I'm new to the Eggtimer stuff so bear with me. I hook up the USB and open putty and connect. It gives me this screen:
Does that look normal? Doesn't look anything like the instructions show.
The red wire on the cable is normally clipped off... it's +5V and has no function in any Eggtimer product except for the RX dongle (which comes with its own cable). Also, be sure to do the memory reset... that's why you see "-1" for everything.
Nevermind, I was connecting the red wire instead of the green.

Lol... Don't worry we all do it... Took me 40 tries to do the LCD 1.10r flash. I was typing in eggfinder, it was looking for eggtimer. Cris is great support. Still need to get my TRS running.

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