Eggtimer classic question (again)

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Oct 10, 2016
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Good morning everyone!
It's been a while. Family issues and life have been going on.
So... Down to business!

I tried connecting a 9v battery with a standard connector to my deployment channels yesterday night.
After I attached them, I plugged in the battery. A few minutes later it was very warm, almost hot to the touch.
Do I have a short circuit somewhere? Or do I have to turn the entire board so it doesn't do that?
I ran out of time last night. Any advice is appreciated!
I'll cook again. Thanks!

If it's the original original Eggtimer, I think you might've cooked it...IIRC, it only accepts 3.3v input. It wasn't until later that a V-Reg and option to juice from another source was added...but I could be mixing things up. I have several at home, but am not there right now to look, and I haven't the time at the moment to look at the website...sorry!
It's not fried. The board still works. I'm using LiPo for board power, then 9v for the deployment channels.
Me too! I'll have to check it tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't have time tonight.
I'll post once I figure out what is going on.
Yeah, I'm an idiot...
I hooked up a 9v after I had already hooked up my LiPo battery to the deployment channels.
Test went great and both went off without a hitch... Except my absolute and utter inattentiveness.
Problem solved! I'll be launching on July 8th 2017 for my L2 and the Eggtimer classic on board!