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Jan 18, 2009
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This disaster is my fault for not using a recommended motor. Launched the Estes Eggscalibur, with a grade A large in the payload compartment, with a D12-5, instead of the suggested D12-3. It had previously flown successfully on a D12-3, but well, that's what I had in my box at the time.

The flight was great, but the additional delay resulted in a chute deployment after substantial downward momentum had been attained. Unfortunately, the stresses were too much for the Estes chute and all the shroud line connections tore loose from the chute, sending the egg capsule on a perilous death dive. It impacted the ground with a loud thud. Upon inspection, I observed that the structural integrity of the egg capsule had failed and the egg was ejected upon impact.

To add insult to injury, the bottom section of the rocket floated into the upper branches of a rocket eating tree. Live and learn.


This happened to me too but I used a D12-3.

I contacted Estes Customer Service and they felt bad about what happened and sent me a new kit free of charge.:D

Give them a call at 1-800-525-7561 and explain what happened. They will most likely send you a new kit as well.;)
The other moral of this story: Estes chutes work fine until you add a little more weight and speed to the rocket at deployment. If you want a little more insurance on recovery, scrap the stock shroud lines. I use braided nylon fishing line due to its small size and high strength. Kite cord (Dacron) also works quite well, it less expensive, but slightly more bulky. No problem for your sport birds, but a problem for my competition duration models :).

One other thing, if you have Mylar tape, it makes GREAT hold reinforcement. Simply cut a piece, place it over the shroud hole, then use a hole punch on it and place your shroud line there. Makes the joints significantly stronger. I had a rather hot deployment on a D-Egglofter bird where the D12-5 was more like a D12-0. It ejected at somewhere around 500fps and only tore one shroud line.
Joe, same exact thing happened to me except my egg nose cone didn't break. I launched it a second time with a reinforced chute and the same thing happened. Except as an added bonus, the eggsule crashed to the ground, and the body came down hitting my car leaving a big paint mark. Little bit of cleaner wax fixed the car up, but the rocket has never flown since.:)
Donald, I took your advice, and today I received a new Eggscalibur and a pack of D12-3's from Estes.