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Egg Finder Transmitters / Receivers

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Jun 5, 2013
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For sale Unbuilt New in package EggFinder LCD Receiver, 2 Egg Finder TX, and 1 Egg Timer TRS. All for 150.00 Shipped.

Paypal Friends and family

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That's a great price for the early EggFinder versions. They have a 3.3V terminal source on the end of the board. Though they are not tunable the LCD is of course. The EggFinder LCD which is likely the early version can be updated to the latest firmware and with a simple three wire soldering job can be modified with the
new LCD GPS receive add-on for all-in-one tracking. Add an HC-05 or 06 B/T module and be in great shape with the LCD to track from a peripheral device and use
the GPS receive add-on for backup.

You should find a ready buyer Mark. Many here can tackle the SMT soldering. Kurt
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