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Jan 25, 2009
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I just got my first Edmonds kit, the Deltie Airshow, from JonRocket.com . At $18.95, it's a bit of an expensive kit, but first impression are key. Edmonds makes an EXCELLENT first impression. From the really cool graphic on the facecard to the fully illustrated and personal instructions, by which it seems that Rob Edmonds is standing right there talking to you, he make a great impression.

The kit includes a length of BT-20 for the boost pod, a balsa NC, Kevlar cord, screw eye, and a metallic blue Mylar streamer, and a small length of angle for marking the tubes with! Sweet! For the Deltie's, there is a small sheet of laser-cut 1/4" balsa for the pods, and 6 sheets of 1/16" balsa with many laser-cut patterns to glue together to make the Deltie's.

For a first impression basis, I give this Edmonds kit a 4.75/5.

Time to go build. Pix along the way.

You're in for a treat! Edmonds kits are among my favorites. Very easy to build and great flying. Those Deltie's stay aloft forever. Make sure you have a good size field and/or a calm day. Once you've finished that one, take a good look at the Ecee...great little rocket glider (or BIG if you go for the Ecee Thunder).
Yes - the Ecee Thunder is/was my first Edmonds kit, and it IS *huge*!
As promised, here are the pix!

This is of the first three parts, out of eight total, for the first Deltie being assembled.

Here is the first Deltie 90% assembled. Still needs the forward two balsa bit for the noseweight 'pocket'.

Deltie #2 completely assembled - glue drying on the 'elevon'.

Sorry, no pix of the booster assembly or Deltie #3, but here's a completed shot with all the gliders laid out - really cool.

Review after dinner - until then, enjoy the pix.

Your build pics look great Jason.
I've got one of these also, but it's just in my stash right now.
I'm trying to get caught up on my Fliskits first.
Be sure to let us know if you run into any problems, so I'll know what to look out for.
Good luck with the flights.

Jason, cool build pics! I think you'll enjoy *any* Edmonds kit. It'll be a great Azalea flyer. I'll have to bring along the Ecee and CiCi for some great glider action.
take the above advice and ahve a big field or a dead calm day. Also, start small with the motors. Finally have at least 4 people watching. It's a cool show, but those things go every which way and atay aloft forever.

One thing I did to help was to make them slightly nose heavy. Keeps them on a leash.
I don't know if this is a statement of the obvious, but along the lines of the suggestion by Hospital Rocket:
Trim the gliders to turn by adding a twist to the trailing edge on one side, or a bent trim tab, or a touch of clay ballast. Include this in your hand-launched check-out flights, and when you launch for real you will have to do a lot less chasing
I was considering adding a bit of the provided clay right under the left vertical stabs of each Deltie. I plan to have the first flight this Saturday.

Originally posted by jetra2
I was considering adding a bit of the provided clay right under the left vertical stabs of each Deltie. I plan to have the first flight this Saturday.


Yup, that's what we did with my son's Deltie. Works well.