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Mar 23, 2011
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Tried to post a photo and it wound up 90 degrees off. Why does this occur and how do I remedy it?
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This has to the with the orientation tag that is embedded in the file. Newer cameras write this tag and many programs read it and automatically adjust it. Windows photo gallery, Paint Shop, and Flicker all do. The forum may not. You could try to open the file in your favorite editor, change the orientation and resave it?
If you want to be in full control of the photo, you have to "take" control with a photo editor.

This means never uploading directly from the phone or camera.

The first step is to move the photo into an editor program. Popular photo editors are Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. I use a program called "ACDSee". A photo editor allows you to make numerous adjustments to the photo. When you have it looking just right - save it, then you can upload it to the Forum - or anywhere else.

Bottom line - get, and learn to use, a photo editor.

An example of original and edited photo.


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