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Sold Edit: BIG price drop! Was $225, now only $125+shipping! [RARE! Parts for 4" Nike Smoke AND Nike Apache]

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May 7, 2017
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Murray, KY
Edit: I can bring to NARAM if you want to avoid shipping costs. Paypal or cash.

Price drop. If interested please send your snailmail so I can figure shipping. $225 plus shipping

I don't recall who gave these to me, around 20 years ago. Fiberglass and phenolic parts.

The Nike Smoke nose cone is 30" long and fits PML 4" phenolic tubing. The transition to the Apache also fits that tubing, so one could build the booster and swap out the two front ends.
The shoulder says "Scotglas Manufacturing". There is a slight crack in the cone, if you look closely above the AN in Manufacturing. I don't know whether it's a crack in the fiberglass or just in the paint, but even if it's in the glass it can be filled (or ignored; I didn't notice it until I took the photos). The aft end of the shoulder has a 3/4" plywood bulkhead epoxied in place, and there are a couple of holes drilled in the shoulder and into the bulkhead.

The transition has a length of phenolic tubing running through it, with the space between filled with foam. The Apache fin unit/aft end slides onto that tube BUT...
...if you look at the last photo you'll see that the fin unit only slides onto that tube to a depth of slightly over 3/4". With some sanding on the o.d. it could slide in slightly over an inch; no farther because the space between the 29 mm MMT and the fin unit had been partly filled with epoxy. I don't know how well that would work for a two-stage, though that's what I'd planned if I'd built it.

The previous owner glued and taped a nylon shock cord to the Apache 29mm MMT. It's bulky, you'd probably want to cut it off and use Kevlar instead.

There are two sections of airframe for the Apache, 9 1/4" (payload) and 19 3/4" long. Both are an odd size, 1.50" i.d. and 1.60" o.d. The tubing is convolute-wound phenolic, glassed. The short black tube in the first photo is the coupler.

The Apache nose cone is a bit odd. It must have been commercially made as there are mold lines down the sides. It's quite heavy, 160 grams (solid epoxy?) and you can see that a piece of steel cable was embedded in lieu of an eyebolt. The very tip of the cone broke off at some point. I'd planned to just round it off if I'd actually built the thing.

Add a 4" airframe, MMT, fins, and recovery and you've got two nice high-power scale rockets, one of which could be a two-stage.

If it's as rare as I think it is it may be way underpriced. Or way overpriced. Or just about right. The speed with which it sells will answer that question. Cash, check, money order, or Paypal. Please include your zip code so I can price the shipping.


All parts.jpg

All parts.jpgSmoke nose cone01.jpgSmoke nose cone02.jpgTransition01.jpgTransition02.jpgFin unit01.jpgFin unit02.jpgApache nose cone01.jpgApache nose cone02.jpgFin unit03.jpg
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We need to poke LOC with a big stick to bring back the PML Nike Apache. It's a beautiful rocket.