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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Back in the mind 90's, I remember seeing Ed Miller fly a rocket he called the Sonic Shock. It was a 2 stage rocket that flew on Flight System motors. He flown it several times with E60/E60 and F100/F100 combinations. I remember thinking this rocket was the coolest thing ever. When the opportunity presented itself to give Ed Miller's rockets a new home, his Sonic Shock was defiantly on my list.
Sonic Shock.jpg

Now that I have the Sonic Shock in my possession, I now want to fly it :D. Since the rocket was designed to fly with Flight Systems motors, the rocket sports 27mm motor tubes. I don't see a real way to upgrade them to 29mm (especially in the booster). So that limits me to 24mm motors. I am thinking a CTI F85-WT (3 Grain) in the booster, and a CTI F51-BS (2 Grain) in the Sustainer. (note, the sims below don't take in account for the weight of a recovery system)

Sonic Shock Rocksim File.jpg

Ed Miller had a very interesting design for the booster. At first glance it looked like the booster has a motor mount for 3 inline motor cluster. but that is not the case. Sure, there are three 27mm motor tubes stacked next to each other, but only the central tube held the motor. The outer tubes held a parachute. The pressures from staging will deploy the boosters parachutes. The Booster has a total of 6 vent tubes. 4 that exit the read of the booster, and one in each parachute tube.
Booster Illustration.jpg
Now, for flying this Sonic Shock Again. I am thinking having a timer and a battery in one of the parachute tubes, reserving the other parachute tube for recovery of the booster. The timer will be used for igniting the sustainer and deploying the Booster Chute.

Now some questions. Anyone have any suggestions what Timer that I can use. I am looking for something that is affordable. Can set off dual igniters at once, or have dual channels where it can fire each one separately at different times. Must be able to fit in a 27mm motor tube. Arming & Triggering mechanism is also a concern. I don't mind timer kits. Any suggestions are welcome.