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Bone Daddy

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Oct 3, 2009
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I was going through some pictures from this summer and found these. This is the first rocket I built after returning to the fold. It started life as a Big Bertha. It's a lot of fun to fly on a C6-3. Nice slow take off.

After a rather rough landing, she was modified to shorten and reinforce the struts for the solar panels (ECHO-2). The solar panel fins are now friction fitted through the black balsa bulkhead and into the body tube. They actually give a bit on landing and are replaceable. But so far, so good.

I actually built a small version built from a Little Bertha. I'll post pix of Mini-ECHO later.

ECHO-1 launch pad post.jpg

Echo-1 take off post.jpg

ECHO-1 landed post.jpg

ECHO-1 work bench post.jpg

ECHO-2 post.jpg
That looks really cool...

One nit to pick though-- could you open your pics in "my pictures" or "paint" and rotate the launch pad ones so they're oriented the right way?? It makes for MUCH nicer viewing... :)

Thanks and kudos on a neat rocket... :) OL JR :)
Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, I always thought I should rotate them.

Here's also a closer look at the fins.

Overcast with no wind, so it's off to the rocket range for a bit.

ECHO-1 launch pad post.jpg

ECHO-1 Attached Solar Panel Fin post.jpg