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Jan 20, 2009
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I broke the canard on my sons' Ecee a few launches ago (didn't take the time to pack it up coming home from a flight). Does any one have the pattern for the canard for an Ecee? Just the moving part, not the fixed part.

Just to put in a plug, the Ecee flies really well!!! Straight up during launch, and nice smooth glide, well designed and really cool kit. Just don't throw them into the car at the end of the launch.....
I had to fix the canard on my ecee too. I just glued the pieces back together and laid them on a flat surface to dry. You are right, it is a very nice glider, although mine likes to fly in a loop.
Couldn't agree with you more, As a matter of fact I just used my old Ecee-18 in a B-RG competition last weekend. As usual she got 30seconds on each B6-2 motor:) didn't have any B4-2's with me:(
I still have an Ecee-13, and of coarse my Ecee-1/8A micro downsale. All are just so much fun to fly! If I ever get around to it, I have all the parts cut out for a Micro Ecee RCRG that should be a hoot!

My Ecee-18 in the picture is Named (Take-5) as I've lost (Thermalled away) the other 4. That's the thing with Ecee's on B's either 30's or if it catches a thermal it's just GONE!

If you need the Full size pattern for the canard, Let me know I should have it in the files, I may have to scan it to send it to you. if you'll ping me with which one your looking for at [email protected] it'll be easier to send the full size scan.
Hope this helps

157Lp06_EC-18 Take5 2nd 30sec B-RG flight_04-24-09.jpg

161a_sm_EC-13 25-5A Edmonds Canard RG_10-10-94.jpg
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