Ebay auction , must see!!!

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That's actually a good price, but:

Isn't a 24/40, and 29/180, and a 29/240 3 cases??? He says it's two in the auction, and the pic isn't clear enough... Dang good price though, considering how much i paid for just my 180 case!
In the pic you can see the 24/40 case , the 29/180 case and that may be the other 29mm case in the box they are in ? Shees allready , as soon as I posted this thread a bid was made, dont know if its related tho' lol.
Wasn't me.. ill watch it though.. a 240 case would be nice, and im sure i could always find use for a 24...:)
You're right, those are 3 distinct casings. The 180 and 240 use the same enclosures.